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昨日、ギターのレッスンを受けているプロギタリストに、来月17日(火曜日)にひらかれる、フェスティバル(どなたでもいらしてください。入場無料です!)をご紹介し、あわせて演奏する「The Rose」(Bette Midler)をチェックしていただいた。


Yesterday, a guitarist will be introduced to the festival (Tuesday) on the 17th of next month (Tuesday). "(Bette Midler) was checked.
”It was a song that was taught strictly over and over again. I reconfirmed my faults and points to watch out for, and I was told by a professional guitarist, "If you don't panic, it's ok." It was a very encouraging lesson.
I think I can play better than before. It may be that the sign language interpreter was present and the communication proceeded very smoothly.
I'd like to bring in the electronic metronome that I used for the first time at the last festival, but the tempo "♪ = 60" is just right, and in order to match it, you should listen to the metronome tempo with earphones and grab it He also gave us advice to try using a 5 meter extension cord. I want to try it out.
If you think carefully, it is difficult for the hearing impaired to use a guitar as a musical instrument. If you are right-handed, you must play the strings with your right hand, hold the chord with your left hand, and hear the sound with your inaudible ear. It is difficult to distinguish sounds with hearing aids that are producing accurate sounds or hearing miscellaneous sounds.
Today, I have been late for work and have received medication for heart valve disease.
My heart palpitates, feels dizzy, or feels abdominal pain during a round-trip commute or between work. A CT scan for cancer is scheduled for the beginning of the week.
That's why it strengthens the feeling that we need to live more preciously than before undergoing surgery to remove cancer. Although everyone will eventually die, let's live well every day by catching deaf people who have heart valve disease and cancer disease as positive instead of negative.
Talking with sign language and voice at the same, but I am very happy that there are things that I can challenge and want to challenge. Not only is it wasteful to waste that happiness, but I think that it is not enough to just say "I'm sorry" to the god who has given such happiness.Like reading aloud with sign language and voice at the same time, it is very happy that there is something that you can challenge and want to challenge. Not only is it wasteful to waste that happiness, but I think that it is not enough to just say "I'm sorry" to the god who gave such happiness.

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わたしはアマチュア無線をやっていたことがあり、いまもある「CQ Ham & Radio」という雑誌や、もう廃刊してなくなってしまった「ラジオの製作」などという無線雑誌を熱心に読んでいたものです。いまから40年前のころのこの雑誌に、八重洲無線という無線機メーカーの広告があって、FTー101とFRー101という、セパレートの短波無線機の広告を見ていました。FTの方が送信機、FRは受信機、真空管を使っていたものです。
まだ免許を取る前でしたが、あわせて30万円以上したかな? 欲しいなあと思いつつ、当時小学生中学生だったわたしからみてもそりゃ無理だよなとため息をついたものです。